Dear Char,

you are powerful.

you are gracious.

you have the strength of a million combined.

i know it’s rough.

i get that the days are long

but just imagine, the story and the triumph you will tell your girls when they are old enough to understand and appreciate all the sacrifices you made. and how you gave them your all, and continue to do so because

you are their mother,

you are their rock,

you are their saving grace.

so keep going, keep pushing, keep striving.

even when the path seems dark, and it tends to get lonely, remember why, look at their sweet faces,

and know that YOU were chosen to be the example of love, light, and truth in their lives

i dedicate this page to you as a reminder, 

for the days when you feel the struggle getting deep, and you need an extra push. 

you can always call or text me, but this will respond immediately.

i love you.

you are doing amazing.

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